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Rannvá Joensen

Rannvá Joensen

Rannvá Joensen is an landscape, travel, outdoor photo and video photographer, based in Faroe Islands. She works together with Michael Kvernenes.

Rannvá and Michael are based in the Faroe Islands. They do landscape/travel/outdoor photo and video. 
They love exploring the majestic scenery of the Faroe Islands and know all the best locations.

Rannvá has been working as a freelance photographer and tour guide for years. In addition to content creation, they are currently building a business around tourism, offering private guided tours, photo workshops and location scouting.


“Growing up on these wind-swept islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean gave me a tight bond to nature from an early age.
After studying photography and film production abroad, I moved back to the Faroe Islands to pursue my passion combining the love for nature and photography.
Today, 7 years later, I get to say I am living my dream life capturing extreme landscapes and sharing all my knowledge with likeminded people“


Michael is a UX/UI designer originally from Tromsø (Northern Norway) his interest in photography peaked after meeting Rannvá back in 2019. 


"We are super excited to be part of the SIGMA Nordic family, and looking forward to having you guys with us on our new adventures"

SIGMA 24-70mm F2.8 DG OS HSM | Art

- The one lens that’s pretty much stuck on my camera all the time. So versatile for whatever kind of work that is on front of me and always delivers the result I’m after.

Sharp, robust and that silky smooth zoom (that comes with every product from SIGMA).

I’m a big fan of equipment that feels and look like they are for “real”. The weight and quality of this one is so trustworthy. As I said, I use this one for pretty much everything - but I can highly recommend this one for skiing and more fun portraits. 

SIGMA 85mm F1.4 DG HSM | Art

- This is nothing else than a BEAST. If you would look up “building quality” in a dictionary, I’m pretty sure there would be a picture of this 85mm.

The glass elements are so well put together that the bokeh and softness that comes to life when you’re down on 1.4 is incomparable and something I just love to use from time to time.
Works perfect in every condition out there, but of course, portraits is the thing with this one. I do also use it for a lot of still life photos, since the sharpness all over the image when you bump it up a few steps is everything.  

SIGMA 70-200mm F2.8 DG OS HSM | Sports

- Ultimate sports photography lens. I use this one for pretty much everything else that the 24-70mm can’t “reach” out when shooting skiing and other action sports. The compact size and weight for this kind of zoom and F2.8 amazes me every time. So easy to carry with you in the backpack all the time. The F2.8 also makes it so smooth to isolate an object in a good way, all over the focal length. The auto focus works so fast and surely helps you even more to capture the right moment, when shooting with continuous focus. 

I would call this trio the ultimate setup for every different kind of adventure or production there is. The golden trio!



Namn, Land

Namn, Land

Namn, Land

Namn, Land